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It’s Not About Who You Know...It's About How You CONNECT!

With over fifteen years of research on professional & business relationships we’ve realized to be massively successful in business, career or non-profit you must learn how to connect. The only way to know how to connect is to know yourself, understanding your mindset, the way you learn and more importantly the types of professional you want to be around. Our Developing Partners Solutions assist professionals like yourself in developing lifelong business relationships through local curated live events, social media strategy and due diligence vetted resources.


Curated Connection Events

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Discovering the greatest local networking events with Connection Events
So many times we go to events attempting to meet the right connections for our businesses or projects. But ultimately we end up talking to unqualified intoxicated people. Bugging you for a business card and stalking you on social media. Let us help you put a stop to this with CollaboPartners Connection Events.

Our Connection Team searches for the best professional events for our members. Every event goes through a due diligence process that is set up for the best environment. Each Member goes through a brief questionnaire so that we can find the best type of event for your unique business or project.

Our Connection Events Meetups are currently for only Greater New York elite startups, entrepreneurs, small business owners, independent professionals, investors, and executives. Who are serious about finding vetted resources and investors for their business or project. NOTE: Were expanding in 20 more cities in the next 18 months. FREE TO JOIN 

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Tailored Connection Events

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No Time to Waste Networking? Let Us Find the Perfect Events for You!
How many times you’ve wasted time at an event? Coming out of the event with no qualified leads or potential partners. Tailored Connection Events assist you in discovering all of the qualified networking opportunities locally and regionally according to your interests. We work with our clients on searching and scheduling events that match their current needs. We find not only networking opportunities but also industry associated, advance professional training and industry based events for your unique business.

Every Tailored Connection Event client is paired with a Connection Solution Specialist, who’s dedicated to continuous event research on your behalf. Depending on your package you can receive monthly, weekly and daily event updates. Each event is tailored to your specifications and can be change at anytime. These services is currently only available in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Check it out for free! Click on learn more

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How To Connect? 


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How do we stay truly connected in this world of so many connections? How can we leverage these connections to create a superior experience? First, we must understand the Laws which connect us. The Laws which establish a sustainable relationship and create evangelist within our company. 

In The Art of The Connect Series, we’ve developed a comprehensive series of workshops for any level of professional. Who wants to take advance of mastering their communication skills and partnership building capabilities. 

"Communication is An Art, Not A Science!" 
In our weekly introduction lesson "How To Connect" we explore the fundamental laws of achieving extraordinary relationships. We assist you in discovering the type of people you attract in your work & life while establishing your core business relationship values. Join us live in NYC for a one-on-one connection change experience or online for an informative group experience every Monday.

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The Art of The Connect 


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“It’s easy to build relationships; It’s hard to connect for a lifetime!”

In our seasonal innovative 5 part courses “The Art of The Connect: Sustainable Connections” we show you how to develop your mindset towards social development. How to find mutual opportunity in all the relationships that you build over time. Discovering the professional around you who can enhance your talents & skills. Advance your leadership skills, mental awareness, emotionally control and physically present when you connect. Our total customizable courses can take 1 to 6 months to complete depending on the level of connection development you choose. This course was assembled from research studies from Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cornell,  and any more research universities as well as countless research departments from Fortune 500 companies in the development of a high-impact course outline. Each Individual Session has  Duration of between 20-40 minutes which includes:

  • Work-Life Critical Thinking Challenge Question 
  • 3 Interactive In-Session Question 
  • Change Life Now: Digital Workbook Assignment
  • You can take individual sessions, by the course or for a complete transformation in the way you connect the full course. 

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